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Welcome to Flying Educators Flying Club FXE. We are a 10 member flying club based out of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport FXE. Since 1962 our non profit club offers pilots an affordable option to the high cost of airplane ownership. The flying club provides much advantage over rental aircraft and single member ownership.

FXE is located in the greater Fort Lauderdale area, close to Palm Beach and Dade Counties.  Nearby airports include Pompano PMP, Boca Raton BCT, Fort Lauderdale FLL, North Perry HWO and Opa Locka OPF. We enjoy great flying weather all year round and have easy access to some of south Florida’s best attractions. Have fun flying to Key West, Naples, Lake Okeechobee or the Bahamas.  Our Grumman AG-5B Tiger is readily available and can be scheduled online. For more information on joining Flying Educators please contact us