Flying Educators, Inc Club Information

  • Aircraft is to be used for pleasure and recreation only.
  • Please note we are not a flight school. We are not interested in members primarily using airplane for “Flight Training (Advanced ratings) or Time Building”. No charitable flights of any kind, no commercial flights, no flights with pets/animals.  Club CFI’s are only allowed to provide instruction to members (no instruction for non-members, family members, etc.)
  • Shares are purchased from the corporation, not member to member. Share price is determined by the corporation to reflect aircraft value at given time.  When you leave the Club you are reimbursed current set aircraft value and don’t have to worry about trying to sell your share.
  • Membership is limited to 12 members. Each member holds equal equity in the flying club.
  • Must hold Private Pilots License, Medical, FAA Flight Review. We don’t allow student pilots at this time.
  • We have Club Bylaws and Operational Rules. Current officers are the President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.
  • Quarterly meetings to discuss financials, maintenance and safety topics.
  • Aircraft is kept inside hangar off Hotel taxiway and near runway 9 at FXE.
  • We are one of the oldest non profit flying clubs in south Florida. Est 1962.
  • No minimum hours required to fly each month. If member has not flown in three months you are required to fly with another member to regain club currency.
  • 24/7 access to airplane.
  • Flexible online scheduling with Flight Circle. Airplane reservation for multiple nights is ok. No minimum hrs required to fly during your reservation.  Any reservation over one week requires club approval.
  • Weekend reservation rule: No member may have more than one weekend reserved in a 30-day period. A weekend is defined as Friday, Saturday, Sunday or a combination of these days. The 30-day period applies before and after a reservation. Members with an extended booking that falls on two separate weekends is acceptable, for example Sunday to Friday reservation. Within this period a member may book another weekend if the aircraft has not been reserved by Thursday at 6pm.
  • Flying to the Bahamas is ok.
  • No extra insurance is required for member. Part of your dues cover this cost.
  • Well maintained aircraft and proper records are kept. Members wash and clean aircraft after use. Airplane is kept in hangar. One member is an A&P and monitors club maintenance.
  • The club maintains cash reserves for general maintenance, annual inspection and major overhaul.
  • New applicants will be required to go through orientation flights and be signed off by a certified flight instructor.
  • Check us out on a this AOPA article comparing the Grumman Tiger to a Citabria.

Cost per share: Email for more information. (Equal equity in corporation).

Monthly: $180 at 12 members (Covers fixed costs such as Insurance, Hangar, Annual Reserve and Admin expenses.)

Tach Time: $105 per hour wet. Tach time rate will fluctuate depending on current FXE fuel prices.  (Covers fuel, Oil, Oil changes, Tires and Major Overhaul Reserve.)


  1. What is the schedule usage? A majority of members only fly once or twice a month. Since 1995 the average yearly hourly total has been 178 hrs. We expect slightly more usage since expanding membership from 10 to 12. In 2021 monthly usage was approximately 18hrs per month.

If interested in joining? We will need the membership application filled out. After that we will setup meeting for interview, show you the airplane and answer your questions. Second step is to setup a short test flight. After successful completion of test flight and we think you are a good fit for our Club you will be required to do one or more orientation flights.  Please contact us if interested. Flying Educators Membership Application

Flying Educators Grumman Tiger Aircraft Specs:

  • 1991 Grumman AG5B S/N: 10014 Tiger.
  • Approximate 5,170 TT on Airframe.
  • Engine: O-360-A4K 180 HP. TSMOH 635 hrs as of April 2022.
  • Propeller: Sensenich 76EM8S10-0-62 Prop.
  • Useful load: 887 lbs.
  • Airspeed: Approx 125-135 kts true at 8,500 ft.
  • IFR.
  • Aspen E5 1000.
  • Garmin GTN 650Xi.
  • Garmin Flightstream 510.
  • Garmin GMA 345 Audio Panel/Bluetooth.
  • Garmin GTR225 Com 2.
  • FS 450P Fuel Flow.
  • New Windshield.
  • S-TEC 50 Autopilot/ Altitude Hold (two axis). Heading, NAV modes.
  • Electric Flaps.
  • Stratus In/Out ADS-B.
  • USB charging port.
  • M800 Chronometer.
  • EDM 700 EGT/CHT/OAT/RPM/Voltage.
  • Alternator warning out light.
  • Alternate Static.
  • Powerflow exhaust.
  • Wing Tip Strobe.
  • Strobe in Red Rudder Cap.
  • Airplane cover.
  • Club use of Bose A20 Headset.
  • Two life jackets.
  • Life raft