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Flying Educators, Inc.

Flying Educators was incorporated in September, 1962 when a group of ten Fort Lauderdale public school teachers decided to band together and form a flying club.  The articles of incorporation state “the purpose for which this corporation is organized is to own and operate airplanes and give flying instruction to its members on a cost basis.”  Many years have passed, and many pilot members have participated in Flying Educators, but its essential mission remains the same: for a group of like-minded pilots to fly their own aircraft at a reasonable cost.  The club’s bylaws and operational rules do not compromise on safety.   Each member must be properly certified and pass a quality flight check before joining the club.  Beyond that however, the club is very flexible with respect to aircraft use and trip scheduling, giving members the feeling that they indeed have access to their own “personal” aircraft.

Since the club’s founding, 62 pilots have participated in Flying Educators in just over 50 years for an average turnover of just over one member per year.  Many members are long term.  One of our pilots has been a member for 37 years – two others for over sixteen.  The club has owned five aircraft since 1962 including two Citabria’s and two Grumman Tigers.  In the pre-internet era, flight scheduling was handled by phone.  A KFXE FBO maintained a paper-based schedule book in exchange for being our exclusive on-field fuel provider.  In August, 2003 the club went “high tech” and established an internet flight scheduling service.

As Flying Educators crosses its 55th anniversary, its current membership remains relatively stable with infrequent turnover.  Historically, there has been a waiting line for new members wishing to join the club.  Until the recent economic downturn, the longest a vacancy remained unfilled was less than a month.  If you are an enthusiastic pilot who would like to participate in aircraft ownership, please contact us.